Inspector is an optional web service for remote playouts monitoring and reporting.

To let SmartCASTER notify this server, go to Settings->Push.

1) Set Inspector URL and add "api/notify" service. Do not forget to specify port eg. "". Multiple target hosts can be specified, delimited with ";"

2) Interval in which playout status is send to notify about current timecode and that playout is responding. Should be lower then Inspector's Maximum message loss interval set in seconds

3) Interval of playlist notification with all playlist items (missing files, offsets etc.)

4) Interval of playout system status information notifications (space left, log sizes etc.)

5) Interval of windows screenshot capturing

6) Interval of output screenshot capturing

7) Playout ID for notification

8) Enable push service

Set 0 seconds to turn off periodical notifications.

Set "push on change" option to send notification or screenshot on playlist item change.

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