Playlist (rundown) is made of Playlist items of several types.

Basic type is VIDEO which allows you to play a video media file from Media folder, which you have set in Settings

To add file into playlist, open media folder using Windows explorer and simply drag and drop video file into playlist grid.

You can select and drag multiple files at one time.

HINT: To open Media folder you can hit Insert button on your keyboard.

File will be recognized by playout and duration should be loaded.

If file is missing in local media folder, it will be marked with stripped red background and will be skipped.

If file is marked by scheduling system as possibly not playable (in wrong format), it will be marked with stripped yellow background and system will try to load that item to be played.

You can use keyboard shortcuts to copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) items in playlist.

To delete item in playlist hit Delete button on keyboard or rearrange order of items in playlist by dragging and dropping.

Other Playlist items are Events and Notes.

Events are explained in Events section.

Notes are simple text informations in playlist to inform other MCR operators and can be inserted by right click on playlist and selecting Insert->Note.

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