You can run template file (Flash or HTML) stored in your templates folder under CasparCG server.

All metadata and additional clip information are send as template data to specified template.

To add new template command - right click on playlist and select Insert->Template.

Then enter name and path to template. Optionally you can set layer number.

To stop template enter TEMPLATE STOP command and optionally set layer number.

To trigger "continue" in the template layer enter TEMPLATE NEXT command and optionally set layer number.

Web Templates

You can also play HTML website located on public internet, for example TEMPLATE "http://www.your-template/clock.php"

Detailed information about templates can be found here at CasparCG wiki page.

Default template layer number is 10.

Examples of command syntax:

TEMPLATE "LowerThirds/MusicVideo" 

TEMPLATE "LowerThirds/MusicVideo" 11




If you need to pass some metadata to your web template, add "?" sign to the URL. Then all metadata will be passed in query string as GET parameters, which can be processed by PHP or by JavaScript.

Example TEMPLATE http://www.your-template/clock.php?

It will be transformed to: http://www.your-template/clock.php?ChannelName=SmartCASTER+TV&ClipDuration=10&ClipPath=SazkaVO.mp4&ClipName=SazkaVO

And playlist item metadata will be pushed there too.

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