It is possible to play audio file in background layer.

To add background audio event, right click on playlist and select Insert->Audio or drag and drop audio file to playlist from explorer.

Specify relative file path to audio and optionally layer number and LOOP toggle.

To stop audio use AUDIOBG STOP command, optionally with layer.

It is possible to add these commands into Secondary events (Actions) section too and create a sub playlist.

Audio background command example:

Examples of command syntax:

AUDIOBG "ChristmasBackground" 

AUDIOBG "ChristmasBackground" 10

AUDIOBG "Folder/Looped Song" 10 LOOP


IMPORTANT: When playing MP3 file, make sure, that there is no other media stream in file (like album thumbnail image), otherwise this media stream can be played instead of audio stream.

Default audio layer number is 120.

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