In some situations you may need to use variables instead of hard coded values in Actions. For example you need to play a video from next block as a noticer in some higher layer.

To use variable evaluation but variable name inside brackets starting with $ sign, eg. $(NAME-OF-VARIABLE)

1) use variable in Action command $(NAME-OF-VARIABLE)

2) define variable by name

3) set conditions to select one playlist item from playlist

4) set attribute to select from playlist item (location, path, metadata with name)

5) set ordinal number of selected item if multiple items meets conditions (1 = first, 2 = second, 3 = third etc..)

When template rule with Action is triggered, then variable is evaluated at time of Action execution and variable name is replaced by actual value in Action.

NOTE: Attributes like Location or Path automatically excludes file extension.

Reserved variables:

$(%DATETIME%) - returns current date time string in YYMMDD_HHMMSS format


Usecase example:

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