1) Colors

Select background and foreground colors for each row according to playlist item type.

You can set Color presets here, they can be triggered via shortcuts Ctrl + B + Num1 to Num5 and colorize selected items with preset color.

2) Row height (font size) selector

3) Grid lines to display

4) On double click action on playlist item

5) Metadata columns

Select metadata names to display in the grid, delimited by a comma or a semicolon.

6) System columns to display in grid.

Thumbnails generating has to be configured in CasparCG first.

7) Select insertion to grid behavior 

Insert item into playlist to current selected position or append after selected item.

8) Always ask to save playlist on exit when not saved

9) Focus current item when idle

View will be scrolled into current playlist item when system is idle. Current playing item will be always visible. Idle period is 30 seconds when not touching playlist.

10) Automation toggle to be able to switch between automation and manual mode

11) Window Title and Grid overlay text

Displays specified text on Window title and grid overlay

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